Kitchen gadgets

Whether you are an amateur home cook or a professional chef, cooking a full meal is a lot of work. From the planning to the prep work, it takes patience and skill to whip up a tasty dish. Sometimes you can use a little extra help. In this article we take a look at some of the top recommendations for kitchen gadgets.

Here at Charter Walk Kitchen Living we want time spent in the kitchen to be as enjoyable as possible.  That’s why our range of luxury kitchens are specified using our bespoke in-house design service where every kitchen detail is individually crafted to your exact specifications.  We aim to make every designer kitchen suit perfectly for your work, lifestyle, function, style, timescale and budget.

Top kitchen gadgets

If you can’t enlist the help of your partner, children or lodger then you can always count on a kitchen gadget to help cut your prep and cooking time.  Here are some suggestions, of kitchen gadgets that you might want to consider.


  • Citrus Juicer – Everyone is going juice and smoothie crazy at the moment. We just love this SMEG CJF01 model. It has the classic SMEG looks and is available in a choice of Black, Red, Pastel Blue, Pink, Pastel Green or Cream paint finishes. It has an incredibly quiet 70W motor, and has stainless steel and dishwasher-safe removable parts.


  • Dishwasher – a dishwasher but not as you know it!  The Miele G6820SC comes with a Wi-Fi connection for remote control from an app, interior lighting, and some of the best washing results that money can buy. It can take a 14 place setting and has a patented 3D cutlery tray as well as being super energy efficient. A kitchen gadget that can help with the clearing up!


  • Coffee Machine – fast becoming a home essential, coffee machines have seen a huge growth in popularity. The Nespresso KitchenAid features iconic retro design with soft curves and a sturdy build. It’s available in six colours, has a large 1.4-litre water tank and a pod bin that can hold up to 14 pods. It is a low maintenance, convenient solution allowing you to choose from six drink sizes – what more could you want from a kitchen gadget?


  • Pressure cooker/Smart Multi-cooker – a new breed of smart cookers is emerging.  The latest version of the Tefal Cook4Me Connect add app connectivity to put a smart spin on pressure cooking. With the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can keep an eye on cooking while you pop to the shops, access hundreds of recipes online to send to the cooker, and follow handy “smart” recipes. The cooker itself comes with around 60 built-in recipes. As well as complete dishes, it can cook rice, steam vegetables and much more. As a pressure cooker, the Cook4Me Connect cooks significantly faster than if you were making the same dish in a saucepan, so it’s great for unconfident cooks who want to wean themselves off a ready-meal and takeaway diet.


  • The Scraper Mixer – Heston Blumenthal certainly knows his way around a kitchen, and this kitchen gadget is no exception.  The Scraper Mixer ensures no sticky bowls or spattered batter. It has a flexible edge and 360 degree coverage, the double sided Scraper Beater expertly scrapes the bowl and ensures thorough mixing. It looks great too, so its the perfect addition to your luxury kitchen worktop.


  • Hot water tap – we’ve mentioned these in a previous blog article, but they are still increasing in popularity.  Why stand around waiting for the kettle to boil when you can have instant hot water straight from the tap? Depending on your model of choice, water can be dispensed from near boiling to 100C, or you can opt for a model that has a facility to select your own temperature – for example 85C, which is ideal for green and fruit teas. Charter Walk particularly like the Quooker all-in-one Fusion tap, offering a three-in-one tap which replaces the standard mixer and offers the added value of boiling water. Newer tap models offer even more versatility than the 3-in-1 with the inclusion of sparkling water!


Quooker hot water tap

Quooker hot water tap


The kitchen is the bustling hub of most households, so it’s important to buy high-quality gadgets and appliances that will stand up to regular use. Here at Charter Walk we love kitchen gadgets – especially the latest appliances. We specialise in Siemens as they offer fantastic design as well as endless functions, if desired, and more importantly great value. Their selection of ovens, integrated fridge freezers, hobs and dishwashers make them a leading brand in the market place, and we love them. Range cookers and American style fridge freezers are the main options for free standing appliances. We will always encourage for built in dishwashers, washing machines etc to get the stream line look in the design. Our main brands are Rangemaster for Range cookers and Fisher & Paykel for fridge freezers.

Why not visit our website, or our Guildford kitchen showroom or Haslemere kitchen showroom, to browse our luxury kitchens and see if there are any kitchen gadgets that take your fancy?