Charter Walk Handleless Kitchens

With uninterrupted lines, minimalist styling, and a clean uncluttered look, handleless cabinets are perfect in the modern kitchen.

Handleless Kitchens

The epitome of classic contemporary, our BEECK Küchen range of German handleless kitchen is one of our most popular kitchen designs. Handleless kitchen doors are perfect for the modern kitchen – stylish, practical and hard-wearing.

Why Choose A Handleless Kitchen

Stunning looks are only part of the story – handleless kitchens have other benefits too. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. The handleless style allows you to maximise the space in your kitchen. With no handles to negotiate, your kitchen becomes a more comfortable and efficient place to prepare and cook food.
  2. The absence of protruding handles reduces the chances of injuring yourself or a child while you’re cooking, cleaning or feeding the family.
  3. Handleless doors are more difficult for young children to open, constituting a useful safety feature.
  4. The worktop can be flush with the front of the units – handled doors require the worktop to overhang the cabinets to allow for wiping down any debris straight into your hand.
  5. Handleless units can be more hygienic and easier to clean – the handles do not accumulate dust and dirt in hard-to-clean crevices.
  6. No handles means that other kitchen features get a chance to really stand out without any competition for attention with a ‘wow factor’ splashback or worktop.
  7. Handleless units keep the walkway around the island clear, making them a good option for large kitchens.
  8. A handleless kitchen can help to create a more seamless flow between separate rooms in your home.
  9. This type of kitchen works well in open plan areas as the design is less intrusive than a more traditional style of kitchen.

Charter Walk Kitchen Design

For the team at Charter Walk Kitchen Living, kitchen design is an art. We love working with our clients to design their dream kitchen, be it big or small. Our designers can help you with every aspect of your kitchen design ideas from the initial layout to the under-unit lighting; while trying to understand your lifestyle to offer you practical advice on aesthetics and budget.

We apply state of the art software and other professional methods to craft designs for your kitchen. Our professional designers are highly experienced and love to keep up to date with the latest trends in the kitchen world. They work tirelessly to achieve the perfect result so that our clients receive their perfect bespoke luxury kitchen.

Handleless kitchens offer understated contemporary style.  If you want your kitchen to look minimal, sleek and streamlined, handleless doors are the perfect choice.  Have a look in our portfolio for some great examples, or get in touch to find out how we can help make your dream handleless kitchen a reality.